Blooming in the Dark

 Poetry by Women

Co-Written with Kirsten McNeill


“For those poetry loving fans of the work of Courtney Peppernell and Amanda Lovelace”

In this collection of poetry, co-writers Jennifer LeBlanc and Kirsten McNeill explore what it means to thrive in the absence of light. There is beauty in the darkness. Open your heart and let in the night.


Literary Titan Gold Book Award.png


“A beautiful poetry book by Jennifer LeBlanc and Kristen McNeill. The poems contained within it are relatable and tug at the heartstrings. At their core, they are representations of different aspects of the human condition. In many ways, this book celebrates healing and the realization of the authentic self. It makes you remember your pain, your joy, and how they interweave – it feels like a love letter to your soul. It makes you feel seen, all of you – the intense and the laid back. Clearly, the authors poured their heart and soul into this project, ensuring that it was an accurate description of what it means to be alive. As long as you like deep emotional poetry, Blooming in the Dark will be a breathtaking read for you” – Literary Titan

“The raw emotions encased in these pages kept me turning them for over two straight hours. These poems are full of scorching words, deep-diving emotions, and cause the reader to think deeply about who they are, their insecurities, their actions, their pasts/presents and futures. In today's day and age, words like the ones within the poems in this book are even more important as they cause you to think hard about who you are, and what you want.” 

– Josh Langlois (Author of The Supernatural Adventures of Ryan Bumble)

“A very deep poetry collection. Serious and deep, some sad. It covers some serious issues. A few favorites of mine are Blooming in the Dark, Colours, Mosaic Me, Sunflower, and Dark Passenger. I love poetry and enjoyed this collection. I recommend it if you also love poetry, or even if you aren’t into it as of yet. I think this would be a good place to start.” 

– Amanda Leigh (Author of Scarred)

“What a great collection of poetry. So much content in this book, and so many explorations of emotion and love. The poems tend to be on the “darker” side - but emotionally, not in a gruesome manner or anything like that. A col-lection that, in the best traditions of poetry, dives into the surface of what it means to live. Highly recommended.” 

– William F. Aicher (Author of Scribbles and Scrabbles and Sometimes Rhymes)

“What a pleasure to be among the audience reading the insights of each word as the writers bleed their poetry onto the page. What a captivating experience to be swept away in beautiful style masking the horrors of life. I applaud their shamelessness, a standing ovation for their courage. Read and weep. Think and become inspired.” 

– Bambi Sommers (Author of Justice Prevails)