Paper Heart



“For those poetry loving fans of the work of Rupi Kaur and Jennae Cecelia”


It is crinkled, torn and frayed,

but it's still a heart all the same...


Paper Heart is a collection of poetry stemming from the places where light and darkness have shaped who Jennifer LeBlanc is as a writer. Written over years of introspection, love, pain, and hope, each poem is a placeholder for something that held her mind for either a bright moment or a dark hour.

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“The title of the book (Paper Heart) is appropriate because many of the poems are about how fragile love is, both precious and painful. Some of the poems the author included were very personal, especially the ones about the author’s mother. Other poems could speak to almost everyone,with universal messages. I liked the range in the various poems, covering many different emotions (from sadness to great joy), and the dichotomy of themes of darkness and light. There are varying structures to a number of the poems, and I liked the different styles, that they weren’t all the same. Many of the poems reminded me of my favorite songs or a line from the lyrics because they had the same feeling, and I enjoyed that aspect of the author’s writing.” 

– Literary Titan

“Poet Jennifer LeBlanc has a frank style in her free verse collection which is easy to read and absorb, making it ideal as a poetry volume of emotional outburst and exploration. LeBlanc gives a deceptively simple format a deeper level of excellence once her words hit you, and the book is beautifully formatted to complement the experience. Overall, Paper Heart will make a lot of sense to anyone who lives with their heart on their sleeve, and those in emotional distress are sure to find comfort and solidarity in Jennifer LeBlanc’s work.”

– K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

"This poetry really hits you hard. These words are filled with pain, love, and regret, a collection of poems full of emotion and vulnerability. It speaks to those who are going through or have gone through the same grief of loving those who only hurt you. As an artist of words, I really appreciate Author LeBlanc's willingness to reveal the deepest sorrows of her soul."

- April M. Woodard (Author of The Aeon Chronicles)

"LeBlanc's Paper Heart dives deep into darkness, while still clutching the light.This autobiographic work deals with love and heartbreak, as well as abuse, sexual assault, and the complicated emotions that accompany the loss of an abusive parent. Throughout the text LeBlanc remains highly experimental in structure, spanning from regular rhyme schemes to freeverse to acrostics to prose poems and beyond, while still maintaining accessible language that appeals to a broad audience."

- Matt Miller (Author of Brave and Stupid)


Also available as an audiobook