Without Fear of Infamy

Poetry Anthology


"But since, up from these depths, no one has yet returned alive, if what I hear is true, I answer without fear of infamy." -Dante, Inferno


Each year since 2010, Scurfpea Publishing has produced an anthology of poems. It’s a juried competition with a different editor each year and no entry fee; consequently, each anthology has a distinct flavor all its own. This anthology includes poems by: Charles Luden, Katie Alexander, Steve Boint, Lin Brummels, Raymond Byrnes, Jennifer Carr, Craig Challender, Susan Spaeth Cherry, Kevin Cole, Jason Freeman, Jerome Freeman, Brit Graham, Monica Gulbrandson, Roberta Haar, Carol Hamilton, Constance Hoffman, Brenda K. Johnson, Leone Kayl, Ivanna Kusijanovic, Jennifer LeBlanc, Charles Luden, Mary Ann Marko, Elissa Mittman, Marsha Mittman, Rosemary Dunn Moeller, Marcella Prokop, Larry Person, Marcella Remund, Lisa Rinaldo, Bruce Roseland, Barbara Schmitz, Dan Snethen, Gloria Sofia, Brad Soule, Jennifer Soule, Linda Duede Starbuck, Douglas Starr, G.M.H. Thompson, Norma C. Wilson, June Tuff Witte, and Susan Zueger.

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“This is a collection of poems about life, death and everything in between. From the pain to the joy to untold suffering. It is a cornucopia of experience from the start to the very end. The title is a lovely homage to Dante as well as fitting to the choice of works featured in the book.” 

– Literary Titan

“The poems selected for this volume are distinctly unique and cover a wide variety of subject matter. Some poems are of boredom, some of love, some of sadness, history, despair, living, partying and dying but all of them shine with the authors’ personal perspectives on the experiences they have faced. The poets all come from very different walks of life but have a genuine flair in their gift of the written word that will stir the heart of any reader. I recommend Without Fear Of Infamy to anyone who loves poetry full of interesting variety. This annual anthology is a must-have and I can’t wait for next year’s volume where I hope to see more from these authors.” 

– Amy Raines for Reader's Favorite